DIY Systems & Tools Audit Template by Amy Mitchell

DIY Systems & Tools Audit Template

Take stock of the systems and tools in your business.


This short audit will help you take stock of the current tools and systems in your business and help you identify which ones aren't serving you and which ones you might need in the future so you can map your vision out ahead of time.

What's included?

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DIY Systems & Tools Audit
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What happens once I get access?

You'll download a one page PDF that includes a link to a 2 minute video walking you through the template and a link to the actual template. It's a Google Sheet that you'll make your own copy of to edit as you wish.

How long will the systems & tools audit take?

It depends on how many tools and technology you have in your business. But, I'd give yourself 10-30 minutes.

Who is this for?

For entrepreneurs and small business owners that feel like they don't have a clear idea of what tools they use in their business (free and paid) and how they fit together. It's a simple spreadsheet to help take stock of what you have and use, how much it's costing you, and what you might want to consider changing.

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